Buying and selling real estate is among the TOP five most stressful times in our life.  It has become even more challenging and the risks more abundant.  That’s why we wanted to take a moment to provide you with our TOP 8 roles for both our buyers and sellers so you’ll know what our major priorities are when representing you and your family and friends.
1. We manage liability – In this litigious society where one can make a claim to small claims court for under $200.00 with a potential outcome of $25,0000, we’ve got your back!
2. We negotiate – Years of successful wins and continued education put us in the BEST position to help you get results.
3. We assist with the decision making process. You are always in the driver’s seat along with us guiding the process.
4. We market for top value when selling and when buying we work diligently to help you find the RIGHT property.
5. We communicate regularly to ensure we are on track and adjusting to your needs along the way.
6. We help you adjust to market realities as they shift and change.
7. We provide you with Comprehensive Market Analysis whether buying or selling.
8. We operate under the “Law of Agency” maintaining your confidentiality, providing undivided loyalty, acting within the scope of our authority and disclosing to you all known facts which may influence your decisions.

20 Service Guarantees for Buyers

You will receive sound advice enabling you to make informed decisions. We will assist you in the following areas which are critical to achieving a satisfying and happy real estate experience. We will;

1. Protect your interests by acting as your trusted advisor and represent you in the process of acquiring your home.

2. Save you time by helping you determine what you want and only offering those properties that meet your requirements.

3. Maximize your advantage by giving you an e-mail list of “newly listed” properties 48 hours before they are promoted to the general public.

4. Save you time by previewing properties to narrow your search.

5. Make the necessary viewing appointments and meet you at the property with a “Home Inspection” worksheet to help you analyze each property to make an informed decision.

6. Simplify the process by providing you with the resources and expertise at our disposal as members of the Re/Max Masters Team of professionals. To include: accountants, lawyers, mortgage brokers and property inspectors.

7. Provide you with helpful information on the best locations, local schools, amenities and neighborhood trends

8. Provide sound advice regarding the “Contract of Offer and Purchase” so you’ll understand the negotiation process and the subject clauses we use to protect your interests.

9. Represent your interests by meeting and remaining with the inspector or appraiser at your chosen property.

10. Provide you with peace of mind by researching the zoning laws, official community plans, easements and right of ways, title search and outstanding work orders or liens.

11. Provide and review the strata by-laws, minute, rules, plans, contingency fund, financial statements, engineering report, surveys, appraisal, environmental studies, sewer or septic system check, well water evaluation and levies and adjustments where applicable.

12. Provide accurate information regarding maintenance fees and inclusions, taxes, age of building, recent renovations and other key features of your home.

13. Keep your bargaining position confidential.

14. Prepare you for the negotiating process by developing a comprehensive Competitive Market Analysis so you’ll get the best price and terms.

15. Provide you with a schedule of time lines so you’ll know exactly what to expect and when.

16. Prepare and negotiate a reasonable and binding offer.

17. Ease the process by answering all your questions in an open, honest and frank manner.

18. Oversee the complete closing process with you and your chosen lawyer/notary.

19. Keep you informed on the value of your home every six months after sale and send you our monthly newsletter to keep you abreast of the market.

20. Reward you for referrals and provide them same quality of care and attention as we commit to you.